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This is my first ever Ludum Dare entry, and the first game that i'm actually sharing with the public! Collect all the expansion orbs to open the end of level portal- but act fast, because the void is closing in on you! More information can be found on the Ludum Dare page. One other thing- it's ok to go into the void a little bit, the void can only kill you if your entire hitbox is submerged in it. Enjoy! And if you have a Ludum dare account, please leave your feedback on the Ludum Dare page! This game is only available on windows.

Install instructions

The game comes as a zip file. Unnzip it, and then it might prompt you to install a thing. It's not necessary, so you can go ahead and skip that. (May make the screen less blurry, not quite sure) Once that's done, you are good to go. One last thing- I recommend against separating the files in the folder. Keep the executable and save file in the same folder.


Void Incoming.zip 2 MB

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